Rocket Launched

The ROCKET OIL SEPARATION SYSTEM is the first “catch can” designed with an integrated, sintered POROUS POLYMER FILTER

Do Not Cross

Typical catch cans rely on baffling, steel wool or expansion to cool and condense oil vapors in crank case gases. The Rocket's porous polymer filter ACTIVELY absorbs oil while filtering particulate, significantly increasing its effectiveness over traditional methods.
The ultra high molecular weight polyethylene filter also creates a hydrophobic barrier to stop harmful and unwanted elements from returning to your engine.

To find out more about ACTIVE FILTRATION and the porous polymer filter, click here.

Developed along with a precision cut, universal bracketing system, the Rocket can be installed on both vertical and horizontal surfaces.  Ports for –8 and –10 AN fittings and hoses allow for use in re-circulation or vent-to-atmosphere configurations.

Basic catch can design hasn’t changed in years, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved.  It’s not rocket science.  You filter your car’s air and other fluids, why wouldn’t you filter this?

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