A high-performance system requires high-performance materials.  Manufactured from UHMWPE (Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene), this porous polymer filter is the heart and soul of the ROCKET OIL SEPARATION SYSTEM.  Due to the material’s properties, the filter is extremely effective at capturing atomized oil droplets and other unwanted elements in crank case gasses.

How It Works

Internal dynamics of the Rocket Filtration system


The crank case gasses and unwanted elements enter the Rocket’s separation chamber through the top port.  At this point the hot gas begins to cool and expand, while being pulled through the porous polymer filter.  

From here, the filter goes to work.  Oil, gas or combustion particulate is actively absorbed and captured in the torturous path of the filter’s porous structure or blocked from entering all together.  At the same time, clean air passes through the filter wall and exits the chamber through the side exhaust port. 

Once the filter is saturated, the oil will travel down the filter with the help of gravity and start to pool at the bottom of the device.  This allows the filter to remain effective well past it’s point of saturation.

Why It's Better


At its nature, the Rocket’s UHMWPE filter is OLEOPHILIC, meaning it has a strong affinity to oils.  It ACTIVELY seeks out oil to attract and absorb.  By constructing the filter from this material, the Rocket has an effective oil “SPONGE” working to keep your engine clean.  

Traditional catch cans use a form of PASSIVE filtration, designed to only slow oil droplets until they condense and pool in the can. But where these methods (steel wool, screens or baffling) fail to actively retain oil and particulate, the Rocket achieves this with considerable ease. 

Add in the complex structure of the Rocket’s porous sintered filter and this makes it one of, if not, the MOST effective catch can available on the market today.  

*Efficiency = Amount of Oil Captured vs. Total Oil

As with any filter, it should be replaced once it has reached the end of its service life.  This helps ensure the device is operating at peak performance at all times.  We recommend replacing or cleaning the filter at every oil change interval or when approximately 1 to 1.5 inches of oil is retained at the bottom of the device.  For cleaning, use any standard solvent or soap and water mixture.  More information and tutorials coming soon!