AUTOMATIVE ENTHUSIASTS FIRST, product developers second.

That is our mantra.

We started Emporeum Plastics as an engineering and design firm, with a focus on developing new and innovative applications for porous polymer technology.  There were literally hundreds of product development directions we could have chosen for our next product. We chose this one because it aligns our technology expertise with one of our main passions…going fast on four wheels.  Products always come out better that way.

Ryan and "Ellie" his Camaro on the track at Pocono Raceway

The idea for the Rocket Oil Separation System came when Ryan, one of the founders of Emporeum, owned a BMW 335i.  “Mostly stock”, it made over 600 hp to the wheels but keeping it running was a labor of love. 

Like most direct inject engines, carbon build-up on the intake valves was an issue with this car. At 50,000 miles, the valves had over a quarter of an inch of build-up!  After hours of cleaning, he decided this wouldn’t happen again.  Venting to atmosphere had made a mess and after a few thousand miles with a traditional catch can, the intake was coated with oil.

Have you ever had that moment where the light bulb turns on?    


Brad (Right) at the PRI 2019 Show.

We set out to develop a separation system that out performs the cans currently out there on the market.  Knowing how great porous polymer is at filtering and absorbing oil, it seemed like a natural fit.  After thousands of hours of design, fabrication and testing, as well as countless emails, phone calls, late nights and early mornings, ON TOP of roughly 30,000 road tested miles over 2 years, this labor of love proved just that.  

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