Installation & Maintenance

For 6th Gen Camaro SS Kit installation and maintenance instructions, click HERE.

Universal Kit Instructions

Step 1:  Disassemble the Rocket Can by unscrewing the top and bottom caps.

Step 2:   Install the supplied -8an or -10an ORB Fittings on the top and side ports of the cap.  One of the supplied fittings is machined shorter than the other.  Install this fitting on the side port.

              Note:  These fittings seal with an O-ring.  It is not necessary to apply excessive torque when installing the fittings.

Step 3:  Install the supplied -8 ORB Hose Barb Fitting on the underside of the top cap.

Step 4:  Install the Top Bracket.  The bracket contains a smooth, aesthetic side and a rough side.  Install with the rough side facing down.  Place one of the four (4) supplied 1/4” button head socket cap screws in each of the 4 slots on the top bracket.  On the  underside of the bracket, place the supplied metal washer and rubber washer on each of the screws. 

Note:  The rubber washer should be installed in-between the metal washer and the surface of the can.  Orient the bracket so the outlet fitting is facing in the appropriate direction.  Tighten the screws snuggly in a cross pattern so the rubber washers fully compress.  We recommend the use of blue Loctite or similar thread locker on these screws, especially if the system is subjected to vibration such as mounting directly to an engine or accessory/bracket.

Step 5 (Optional):  If the system is to be mounted on a vertical surface, install the angle bracket using the supplied button head bolts, washers and nuts.

Step 6:  Slide the filter over the protrusion on the inside of the bottom cap. 

              Note:  Moderate force may need to be applied to slide the filter on.

Step 7:  Re-assemble the can, ensuring the filter is centered and slides over the protrusion on the underside of the top cap.

Step 8:  Find a suitable location to install the system in the vehicle, ensuring the mounting surface is sufficiently strong to support the weight of the system.

Step 9:  Route the inlet hose to the top fitting.  Route the outlet hose to the side fitting.

System Maintenance

The Rocket Oil Separation System uses a porous UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) filter.  This filter actively captures oil and other unwanted combustion byproducts as crank case gases pass through the filter.

All new kits as of February 2021 will come with the “Next Gen” thinner filters.  These filters allow for increased flow while maintaining the effectiveness of the original filters.


Original (Thicker 1/4”) Filters:

Like any other filter, considerations must be made with regards to service intervals:

  • For mildly modified vehicles or daily drivers which do not see frequent track use or excessively hard driving, it is recommended to replace or clean the filter when oil has saturated the filter and has pooled 1 – 1.5 inches from the bottom of the can (or sooner).
  • For vehicles which see frequent track use or otherwise frequent hard use, it is recommended to service the filter more often, preferably before the filter becomes fully saturated.


Next Gen (Thinner 1/8”) Filters:

  • It is recommended to replace or clean the filter when oil has saturated the filter and has pooled 1 – 1.5 inches from the bottom of the can or sooner.


The filter can be cleaned using typical automotive solvents used for dissolving oil.  Alternatively, a mixture of dish soap and water can be used with lesser effect.  Filter recovery will depend on how thoroughly the filter is cleaned, but up to 80% recovery can be obtained.

The most effective method involves submersing the filter in solvent for a minimum of 2 hours while agitating periodically.  If this method is impractical, coating or spaying solvent on the filter will remove a portion of the trapped oil.  Ensure the filter is dry of water or solvent before reinstalling.

Always take necessary precautions when working with solvents such as wearing personal protective equipment, ensuring there are no ignition sources present and only using in a well-ventilated area.


Original (Thicker 1/4”) Filters:

If the filter is cleaned, it is recommended to replace the filter after 2 cleaning cycles for mildly modified vehicles or after 5 more frequent cleaning cycles for hard use.


Next Gen (Thinner 1/8”) Filters:

If the filter is cleaned, it is recommended to replace the filter after 3 cleaning sessions.

To download the Universal Kit installation and maintenance instructions, click HERE.

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